Diamond Fire Pit Glass with Pearl White Reflective Installed

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Fire Pit Glass was founded in San Clemente, CA.  We are a leading manufacturer of the highest quality fire pit glass for over a decade now. We ship fire pit glass factory direct. We do not sell our fire pit glass to retailers nor do we have distributors located in different areas – This means you are ordering DIRECT from the source with NO retail middle man markup on price and No DELAY whatsoever. ORDER YOUR FIRE PIT GLASS TODAY and most products ship same day!


New Arrivals – Fire Pit Glass Nuggets


We are here to help. Need help choosing a fire pit glass color (or combination of colors) to match your theme, decor or exotic imagination? Seriously we have helped first timers that are doing their own fireplace to the highest end architects and designers in the world – Not sure what you want? How Much you need? Or anything fire pit or fireplace related give us a call, We will help! Our customers include Disney, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, St Regis, Hard Rock Hotel to name just a few but we mainly specialize in helping supply fire pit glass for residential jobs for people just like yourself.Fire Pit Glass installation is so simple that anyone can do it. If you have a typical fire pit in your backyard it probably has lava rocks in it. The conversion to fire pit glass from lava rocks is really as simple as removing the lava rocks and replacing them with your choice of fire pit glass. To add the Ultimate sparkle use our Reflective fire pit glass as this glass has a mirrored side that sparkles and reflects all light that hits it including the daytime sunlight for an everyday sparkle! Fire Pit Glass can be used to blend with natural, earthy tones such as granite, slate, flagstone or just about any stone or wood tone or you can go with a light, bright color such as our Bahama Blue Fire Pit Glass to match a pool or other outdoor elements. This really is the only choice as it is a personal preference – Blend in with your decor or make a statement with a Focal Point?


Fire Pit Glass Size Difference:

Our glass is sold in two different sizes “Nugget (approx 1/2″ in size)” and “Crystal (approx. 1/4″ in size)”. In addition, we have one color, Jumbo Alpine Ice Rock Fire Pit Glass (approx 3/4″ to 1″ in size).

Fire Pit Glass Size Difference
*Image shown on left is 1/4″ Crystal and image on right is our 1/2″ nugget.
** This image is a closeup image (not true to scale)


Reflective vs. Non-Reflective:

The difference between our reflective and non-reflective fire pit glass is our reflective fire pit glass has a mirrored edge on one side. This mirrored edge illuminates light as fire dances atop the glass, creating a dazzling effect. In addition, the fire pit glass reflects a beautiful sparkle as sunlight or natural light is cast upon it. Alternatively, our non-reflective fire pit glass has a very tranquil feel to it, pulling light into the glass rather than reflecting light. Both styles are very popular with our customers; the ultimate decision comes down to what effect you are looking for.

Reflective vs. Non-Reflective fire pit glass

 *Image shown on left is reflective and image on right is non-reflective.



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