22) I have seen many different suggestions on what filler should be used under the fire ring in an outdoor fire pit – Some suggest Lava Rock others suggest Sand and Your website suggests Pea Gravel, What is the Best and Why?

This is another common question – we have seen many websites suggest contradictory filler ideas and really need to air out the facts of the matter on this subject.

We have always suggested using pea gravel underneath the fire ring when you have depth to fill underneath the fire pit ring. Pea Gravel is easy to obtain at your local Lowes or Home Depot, Etc.- a 50 lb. Bag will cost you under $5.00

But most importantly Pea Gravel is non porous so it does not have any air pockets where gas could collect beneath the surface. Now think about a lava rock – It has nothing but porous characteristics. When using Lava Rocks (especially larger rocks) as a base filler under the Fire Pit Glass you are creating thousands if not millions of little air pockets where gas may collect and hover in the pockets between the rocks as well as in the porous rocks themselves. This can cause the gas that collects beneath the surface to combust all at once after too much gas collects, Especially with Propane!

Using Pea Gravel filler underneath the fire ring essentially eliminates this concern.
Sand is absolutely not suggested as a filler either- Sand retains moisture so it will likely cause your fire ring to rust or corrode much sooner and will also clog the holes of your fire ring when wet.

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