10) I have my new burner installed in my indoor fireplace and am ready to put in the glass crystal. Instructions call for a vented fireplace which I have, but must the flue be open during burning? Mine drops soot when opened and I don’t want to get my glass dirty.

Anytime you are burning gas you should have the vent open in an indoor fireplace.
If your vent is dropping soot down when opened I would strongly suggest getting your chimney swept prior to installing your glass crystals.
This service is normally in the price range of $80-$120 and well worth it if the fireplace has been burning wood or has had it’s fair share of use over the years. Every city has several Chimney sweeping companies, in most cases they can be found by just doing a local search online under the search term “Chimney Sweep”
Once you get your chimney sweep you can install the glass without concern of the glass ever getting dirty with soot from inside the chimney – This is a good idea even if you don’t plan to use the glass crystals as you never know what may be up inside that chimney besides dirt and soot!

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