19) I am constructing an outdoor firepit with a 35 inch diameter. With the capstone, the opening will be around 32-33 inches diameter. What size of stainless steel burner ring would you recommend? How much clearance is needed if people are going to sit on the capstone?

You should allow a minimum of 6-8 inches from each side.
Since you mention people will be sitting on the capstone I would suggest using the 18 inch fire ring, this will allow approx 8 inches separation from the ring to the outside diameter of the pit.
Keep in mind that outdoors the flame will be exposed to the elements such as wind, going with a larger ring will burn closer to the edge in which case a good breeze could temporarily blow the flame outside the pit enclosure – This is why it is a good idea to isolate the flame a bit more in fire pit applications if you plan on entertaining near or around.

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